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Work Reacclimating Internship Program

The purpose of this program is to give women living in homeless shelters, in low-income communities, or who been have formerly incarcerated the opportunity to gain the necessary skills and experience to perform efficiently in the modern workforce.


Evaluation Process

The organization will measure its success based on the intern’s ability to be hired within three months of completing their training.


Sustainability Plan

The organization plans to sustain this program by soliciting new requests for grant funding through community foundations and from monetary and In-Kind support from our corporate sponsors.


The WRIP Workshop

The interns will be hired for 8-weeks as temporary organizational support staff after completing the preliminary, 8-weeks training period when the women learn to troubleshoot a computer, connect with the internet, type, respond to emails, and type up reports.



When trying to combat homelessness in our cities and towns, there is no one more qualified to spearhead the process than those who have experienced it firsthand. I am one such person, and this is the system I have created.

Three steps summarize the solution designed by the Rise of Broken Women:

  • Supply to survive,
  • teach to create,
  • and finally, connect to re-erect.

The initial stage of rebuilding the broken is ensuring their survival by utilizing financial and material donations to supply their everyday needs. Only when you aren’t worried about where your next meal or necessity will come from are you able to take the next steps in your journey.

The second stage the Rise of Broken Women focuses on is the education of homeless, impoverished, and at-risk women.

I started the Work Reacclimating Internship Program is a workshop for basic computer training. This sixteen-week program will help these women build in-demand skillsets that are necessary for the modern workplace and are attractive to potential employers.

The Work Reacclimating Internship program starting workshop:

  • A 16-week program training with basics of computer skills
  • Following a Work program in learning elevator services upon completion

Through monetary aid from corporate and individual donors, we are able to provide essential training in a variety of fields, all necessary to the community. That makes these women feel relevant. It gives them confidence. It allows them to look to the final stage: connecting.

The second half of our internship program is dedicated to helping the members of our program build their resumes, learn how to conduct themselves during interviews, and search for jobs. Using our network and the connections our interns have made for themselves, they are able to re-connect with the community and rebuild their lives.

By using this structure, by giving these women and their families the chance they deserve, we can break the cycle of poverty while strengthening our communities and bringing the forgotten back into the fold.