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A world where women distance themselves from poverty by smoothing out the navigation process to locate resources long available but often hidden from view.


To bring women and families currently in homeless shelters or low-income communities the necessary tools to liberate themselves from the poverty cycle. This is accomplished by providing basic necessities for daily survival to vocational training to create self-sufficient citizens.



The Rise Of Broken Women (RBW) is a multicultural 501(c)(3) non-profit that provides homeless women with the necessities of daily life such as feminine hygiene products while empowering through training in relevant industries that allows women to regain control of the narratives of their lives.


Our Impact

Rise of Broken Women serves members who stand outside the borders of the community through circumstances not fully controllable. The numbers say it all. Over 15,000 men, women, and children which constitutes 20% of the homeless population have been supplied with the basics of daily living so they can focus on extricating themselves from the poverty cycle back to the community at large. What are some of the necessities that have found their way into needful hands? How about 18,00 pads, 30,000 tampons, nearly 16,000 pairs of undergarments, 316 bras, over 5,000 pairs of socks among the 20,000 articles of clothing in total, and 12,000 plus bottles of toiletries.

RBW also met the demands during the pandemic by supplying nearly 46,000 masks, 20,000 boxes of gloves along with 8,000 hand sanitizers into places where it’s most needed, homeless shelters and low-income communities during a lockdown, and political malfeasance which kept these vital items in short supply. By attacking the problem at the grassroots level, RBW teaches support and self-sufficiency.

RBW-Charlees Angels-2020

Our Partial Client Listing

Helen’s House

Franklin Women’s Shelter

Bronx Acacia Cluster II

Eldert Lane Women Shelter

Queens Drop In Center

126th Street Shelter

Samuel Proctor Schelter

New Broadway Shelter

Flatlands Family Residence

Starbright Family Residence

Siena House Shelter

Brooklyn Women’s Shelter

Safe Horizon

Main Chance Drop In Center

Bronx Family Network

Broadway Family Plaza

Susan’s Place

Theresa’s Haven

Zawadi House Shelter

Help USA-Hamilton Place Family Residence

Callaway Family Residence