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Where Angels Tread

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Support women and girls globally by giving 

Where Angels Tread

Rise of Broken Women Supporting Women

Menstrual health care can be expensive but only one can understand its necessity. Donate period products to the Rise of Broken Women and we will get the products to homeless women and girls in shelters.


Where Angels Tread

Give of yourself
as the Angels do,
and wonderful things will come to you.

Angels are depicted as winged creatures with halos, robes, and a glow that gives them a mysterious and divine allure. Many people think of angels as benevolent spirits that show up to help us with our problems, and sometimes miraculously, they do show up to help. To a homeless woman, anyone who gives of themselves through their time, attention, or support is an angel; they have come in her time of need. She sees halos and wings instead of the hoodie and sneakers.

The Rise of Broken Women is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that assists homeless women. Its mission is to provide women and families living in New York City homeless shelters and low-income communities the tools that they need to extricate themselves from the cycle of poverty. This includes vocational training as well as necessities to meet their daily needs.

We are raising an army #Charleesangel to help women with broken wings get their wings mended and rise again.

Become an Event Angel – Bring a local community together by organizing a donation drive at local libraries, food stores, churches, offices, or schools. You Connect those who have resources a chance to share with those who do not.

Become a Packaging Angel – Host or attend a packaging party as a volunteer to make up period dignity kits for women experiencing period poverty.


Approximately 81,098 plus men, women, and children remain homeless today in NYC Shelters!