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About the Founders


Hi, I’m Charlee Newman, and I am the Founder and CEO of the Rise of Broken Women. I lived on the streets for 3 days and ate out of a garbage container located at a Chinese Restaurant. On the 4th day, I registered into a shelter where I lived for two years.

These were the worst days of my life. Afraid of my surroundings, I was in constant fear, totally humiliated, deeply ashamed, angry, hurt, and very alone.

When you’re unable to keep yourself clean as a woman, this destroys confidence, self-esteem, and some give up on life. Not only keeping yourself clean, keeping your clothing clean as well. We didn’t have a change of underwear, socks, outerwear, and toiletries.

While in the shelter one night I had a dream, and in that dream, I was called Rise of Broken Women. The dream was brilliantly portrayed to me, as an artist paints a portrait with some pain, but also a slight sigh of relief.

My purpose is to bring awareness and provide help to women in need of menstrual and feminine hygiene products and educate the community about homelessness.

I am the Rise of Broken Women.
I rise. I have risen. I rose.